Leigh Sinton Fisheries
Leigh Sinton Fisheries


The fishery is set within the beautiful grounds of the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm,click here to go to the web site, one of the country’s largest suppliers of live Christmas tree’s to both the home and commercial market.


The farm also rent out self storage containers, click here for more details.


We can be found on the B4503 Leigh Sinton Road, so come along and find your tree for next Christmas

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A view across Bluebell pool
A view across Kingfisher to the Malvern Hills
Pam's daily visitor

night fishing rule's


Night Sydicate Rules.


The night syndicate year will run for a calendar year from 1St March.

All night time sessions must be arranged via Nick or Colin.

A minimum of 3 days’ notice, if possible, must be given from syndicate members to Nick or Colin for a night session to take place.

Members must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Only members and their invited guests will be allowed to fish at night.

Night time hour’s will commence at dusk and continue until 7.30am the following day.

Each member may only sign in a named guest on two occasions, after that time the guest must choose to become a member or not.

Members should always be in possession of their membership cards.

Each Member can use up to 3 rods; Guests may use a maximum of 2 rods.

Members and Guests may use floating Baits, with the exception of floating bread on night fishing sessions.

No one other than Syndicate members and their paying guests will be permitted to fish during the night time hours.

A minimum of 2 persons must always be on site during a night session.

All members of the syndicate are also registered bailiff’s, and so has the right to approach any others fishing at that time.

Nick must be notified in any emergency during night sessions (TEL: 07798 533896).

All fishery rules apply, unless changed or adapted above.

Your membership will be revoked if members or their guests are found to be in contravention of any rules, or bring the syndicate into disrepute.


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