Leigh Sinton Fisheries
Leigh Sinton Fisheries


The fishery is set within the beautiful grounds of the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm,click here to go to the web site, one of the country’s largest suppliers of live Christmas tree’s to both the home and commercial market.


The farm also rent out self storage containers, click here for more details.


We can be found on the B4503 Leigh Sinton Road, so come along and find your tree for next Christmas

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A view across Bluebell pool
A view across Kingfisher to the Malvern Hills
Pam's daily visitor

The pool nearest to the car park, the 23-peg Bluebell Wood Pool was the first of the Leigh Sinton waters to be opened for fishing and paved the way for the development of the other waters as the fishery became increasingly popular with both pleasure and match anglers.

Bluebell Wood is bowl shaped with up to 20 feet of water being found in the centre and as much as six feet just a rod length out with the water gradually deepening the further out you go.


Its depth has an advantage as it enables the fish to grow to a decent size and although the average stamp of mirrors and commons is in the 3lbs to 4lbs range, fish up to 23lbs have been caught in this pool.

Stocked mainly with roach to 2lbs, tench and a reasonable head of carp, Bluebell Wood Pool also holds chub to 5lbs and perch to 2lbs. It usually fishes better in the margins with the most popular pegs being by the overflow pipes. For some reason it tends to fish harder the further out you go.

Existing stocks were supplemented over the 2008/2009 winter with the addition of good numbers of six to eight inch tench and bream.


A good all-round silver fish pool, particularly for those who have not fished Leigh Sinton before, Bluebell Wood is usually much murkier in colour than the other waters, particularly when the large fish circle around bed of pool grubbing in the bottom for food.

Anglers after the roach use pole or traditional rod-fished float techniques either high in the water or on the bottom. Many of the bigger fish tend to come from the deep parts of the water, so sliding float or legering is often worth a try.


When it comes to baits, maggots and casters are good all-round baits with casters being particularly effective for the roach and chub. Boilies and other high-protein baits are allowed, carp anglers tend to use meat, sweet corn or trout-pellet paste on the bottom. However, anglers should note that floating baits are not allowed. Another highly successful bait is worm. Ever since it opened, Bluebell Wood has been one of Leigh Sinton's most popular match waters.


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