Leigh Sinton Fisheries
Leigh Sinton Fisheries


The fishery is set within the beautiful grounds of the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm,click here to go to the web site, one of the country’s largest suppliers of live Christmas tree’s to both the home and commercial market.


The farm also rent out self storage containers, click here for more details.


We can be found on the B4503 Leigh Sinton Road, so come along and find your tree for next Christmas

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A view across Bluebell pool
A view across Kingfisher to the Malvern Hills
Pam's daily visitor


Regarded by many Leigh Sinton regulars as being a little harder to fish than Bluebell Pool, the 31-peg Kingfisher Pool is stocked mainly with larger carp and good sized roach to over 2lbs. The biggest carp caught so far was a common which came in at 34lbs whilst the water is known to hold mirrors to 28lbs and ghost carp to 25lbs.

Most anglers who fish Kingfisher go for size rather than quantity when it comes fishing for the carp with both traditional and modern carping techniques both working well.

Unlike Bluebell Wood Pool, the water in Kingfisher is much clearer and as a result fishing the margins is more difficult. Although there is 20 feet of water in the centre of the pool there is also a shallow plateau on the corner nearest to the access road to the fishery.

Anglers fishing for the roach and silver fish should go for 2lb to 3lb line strength whilst those after the carp are recommended to use a minimum 8lb line.

The most popular pegs tend to be those along the bank nearest the access road to the fishery where it is slightly more sheltered

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