Leigh Sinton Fisheries
Leigh Sinton Fisheries


The fishery is set within the beautiful grounds of the Leigh Sinton Christmas Tree farm,click here to go to the web site, one of the country’s largest suppliers of live Christmas tree’s to both the home and commercial market.


The farm also rent out self storage containers, click here for more details.


We can be found on the B4503 Leigh Sinton Road, so come along and find your tree for next Christmas

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A view across Bluebell pool
A view across Kingfisher to the Malvern Hills
Pam's daily visitor


Although Woodland pool has not been officially pegged it is already proving popular with carp anglers and generally fishes well with no particular hot spots. To date fish have been caught from all parts of the water.


One of the main features of Woodland is a shallow two to four-foot deep ledge which runs out from the bank nearest Paddock Pool. This part of the water can account for decent catches as the fish tend to bask in the shallower water during warmer periods.

The outlook for this water is very positive as so far the fish have always spawned well - a good sign of a healthy fishing environment. 




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